"Photography isn't about lenses, it's about vision. When people ask me what kind of camera or lens takes good pictures I reply, "None. They don't do it sitting in your bag".

I am a visual storyteller with a passion for creating artistically crafted, high quality images that my clients can cherish for years to come. My super power? I can freeze time for you.

I've loved photography since I was a teenager, and being born and raised at the beautiful Jersey Shore, there was no shortage of things for me to photograph. I was gifted my first interchangeable lens DSLR camera by my mother when I was 19 and brought it with me everywhere. I started off shooting landscapes and nature throughout my travels and would occasionally capture some random people if the moment between them spoke to me.

After college I became the Director of Marketing at a local Physical Therapy company where I manage their social media accounts as well as shoot, edit, and create my own content to post for them. I've always had cameras and gear so one day when my best friend asked me to take some family portraits for her I decided to step outside of my comfort zone of landscape, nature, and physical therapy related content and give portrait work a go. Almost immediately, I fell in love with telling their little family's story through my lens and thought, hey, maybe I would enjoy doing this again! As luck would have it, I got my chance to do it again..and again...and again. Once she posted the photos I took of her family I began to get messages from people who saw them and wanted me to tell their family's story as well! And so, Kimberly Farro Photography was born. The universe is funny like that I guess.

I consider myself a "Documentary Style" photographer, meaning my sessions are more following you around letting you be yourself than barking orders or telling your kids to sit still. I do offer professional posing guidance and will give you verbal or visual prompts to try to make you comfortable being in front of the camera, but I want to make sure to let my subjects be themselves, because those are the memories you really want to freeze when it comes down to it. I thrive in creative sessions and candid moments are my jam. If you are looking for picture perfect, cookie cutter poses I may not be the girl for you. Give me all the sun flares, motion blurs, silly faces, and toddlers that give me a run for my money and help me get my steps in for the day! My whole goal is to caption the *real* story of you, in those perfectly imperfect moments in between poses.

So that's my story, now what's yours?

My Specialties

Creative Sessions

Lets make some magic

I thrive in creative sessions. There is no idea I won't try to make come to life for you. Want to dress like a witch and read my Tarot cards in the middle of the woods? I'm there.


empowerment sessions

I love making a fellow woman feel beautiful and powerful.


Love is in the air

Whether it's an engagement session or a just because session, I love telling your love story.