All you need is love.

I had so much fun shooting Lisa + Jon this past weekend. Between the beach, architecture, and street art, there are photogenic opportunities around every corner in Asbury Park, NJ. The bride + groom picked this location and it couldn't have been more a more perfect place to showcase their love.

My favorite shoots involve very few props or poses, just a little bit of technique and a whole lot of love. For me, capturing real, raw, organic human emotion is so much better than those "1,2,3 say cheese!" type of photos. Freezing the moments in between each pose are what truly makes for a great photograph, in my opinion.

When planning for any shoot, preparation is key. In this case, I spoke to the couple in depth about what sort of look they were going for in these photos and had them send me inspo pics so that we could all be on the same page when we got to the location. The bride brought a few outfit changes, which I always recommend, and we were able to get the perfect combination of sassy + sweet photos of them.

When we got started, I told them to act naturally with one another as I followed them around the town, and their perfectly in sync body chemistry did all the hard work for me. Posing can be awkward for both the client and the photographer so my advice to anyone that wants to hear it is that less is more. When the person on each side of the lens relaxes a little, the results are m a g i c a l.

Congrats to Jon + Lisa. Thanks for an adorable evening of love, laughs, and tacos.

Good Vibes,