Creative Sessions

are my true passion in photography. I have always been a creative. I've tried my hand at writing, painting, and even a small stint in Interior Design and Architecture when I was in college. I've always felt compelled to create, which is why I was so excited to team up with Natalie on this session.

Natalie and I spoke briefly about our goals for the session and what we wanted to create, then I went to work planning it out. Thankfully, she is a good friend and was willing to help me express my vision through a jug of fake blood I found at a Halloween store about an hour prior to meeting. We shot at a local "haunted" historical site in the NJ Pine Barrens, taking inspiration from the scenery and local folklore.

Another great thing about creative sessions is the flexibility it gives me in post processing. In my normal day to day work, I try to stick to a consistent editing style so that my clients know what to expect. With a session like this, I was able to manipulate the images a little bit more to get the final look I was going for which was dark, moody, and eerie. I desaturated the images slightly and brought the highlights way down , adding oranges and reds to the mid tones and shadows to create the overall autumnal, serial killer in the woods vibe I was going for. Having a consistent editing style is important in this industry, but it does get a little bit boring sometimes. I enjoy being able to get artistic and flex my editing skills every once in a while.

I love capturing photos of my clients and their beautiful families, but there is a certain extent to which I can express my creativity doing family portraiture. The way I look at it is, family sessions are for my clients, creative sessions are for my clients AND for me, so I feel blessed to be able to do one every once in a while. I would love to do more of these in 2024, so if you have an idea brewing in your brain, I am always looking to collaborate on something fun!